Thursday, 1 November 2012

Dear all,

The Revision Guidelines & Fun Packs will be uploaded to the respective GoogleSites.

Apart from the hardcopies that your parents had already received during the SPM,
Softcopies can be found under the "Vacation Engagementsection on the left panel in the Student GoogleSite (requires students to login)


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Programme for Friday 2 Nov 2012

Dear students,

This is a repeated reminder.  The programme for Friday 2 Nov 2012 is as follows:

8am - 11am: FT Time, Class Party, Class Clean-up, Clear Lockers (@ Form Classrooms)
11am - 12noon: Final Assembly (@MPH)

Please report for morning assembly at the usual timing (7:40am) in school uniform.

P.S.  Class EXCO: Please plan for the class clean-up and class party accordingly. Please contact me to update about your progress, thanks!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Please attempt the ICT Survey

Dear all,

for those people WHOSE NAMES DO NOT APPEAR in the lists below, please FOLLOW UP by attempting the ICT Survey at

Kindly do so by tomorrow, 31 Oct.


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Reminders for 25 Oct

Dear students, 

As school will be drawing to a close soon, we would like you to take note of the following...

1.   (ALL levels) To remove all your belongings from your lockers, and ensure that the locker is clean, by Friday 2 Nov 2012. Your Form Teachers will be doing a visual  check on Friday 2 Nov to ensure that your belongings have been removed from your lockers. All lockers are to be left open

2.   (All levels) Keep your classrooms clean.  Class EXCO please plan for a class clean-up on Fri 2 Nov. 

3.   (Sec 1 & 2) All classes are to submit 5 photos to your respective Form Teachers - this is for the photo montage at the final assembly. For example, class chalet, class BBQ, service learning, something that captures the class spirit for 2012. 

4. In addition, we would like to remind you to:

Complete the IT survey.

5. (Sec 1 & 2) Please be reminded of the post-exam activities and venues today: 

S1-01, S1-02, S1-03
8AM – 1PM: Cultural Camp
(101 & 102 CL students – Learning Oasis 2)

6.   (Sec 1 and Sec 2). Please be reminded of the activities and venues next week (FT:link -slide ten onwards). The attire for the activities is School Uniform (even for Clay Shooting and Bowling)

  (All Levels) You may also be aware that SPM is on Thu 1 Nov. Please be reminded to be in your school uniform if you are attending the SPM with your parent(s). 

Morning assembly in class on 25 Oct (Thur)

Dear all,

kindly report to classroom for your pledge taking and national anthem tomorrow.


Monday, 1 October 2012

Morning Assembly Arrangements for EOY Period

Dear all,

Please note the following:

Tuesday, 2 Oct
Sec 1s will sing the national anthem and take the pledge in the classrooms.

Wednesday, 3 Oct - Friday, 12 Oct
Sec 1s will sing national anthem and take the pledge in the classrooms.

Mr Seth Tan

Thursday, 23 August 2012

SOP for taking level tests - revisit

Dear all,

Kindly refer back to the earlier communication (since term 1) for the standard procedures/processes (i.e. SOPs) for Level Tests, found on Std Googlesite.

Just want to highlight one particular process:

Please take note that you should not turn up for school to take the test if you're on MC for that day.

The reasons are simple and commonsensical:
1) you're not in a good state to be in school and will need rest (which is why an MC has been issued)
2) we need to exercise social responsibility (spare a thought for your classmates, play your part to keep infection at bay!)
3) you may be allowed to retake the test within 5 working days from the day of your MC (so don't have to worry)

If you need further clarifications or have any other queries on test SOPs, please direct them to me. Thanks!

Mr Seth Tan

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

MOE ICT Survey (compulsory)

Dear all, 

An announcement has been made in the GoogleSite and Student Blog last week for Sec 1 & Sec 3 students to participate in an MOE survey. Participation in this survey is compulsory.

Kindly be reminded to respond to the survey. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete. MOE & NIE will take care of the monitoring of students' responses.

Mr Seth Tan

Friday, 17 August 2012

Meeting for Class Environmental Rep on 27 Aug

This is a message from Ms Kassandra Lim.

Class environmental rep is to attend a briefing on 27th August at 2.15pm, at the Seminar Room


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Briefing for Class Environmental Reps (Chris & Justyn)

Dear Christopher and Justyn (our class' environmental reps),

Kindly take note that you have to attend a briefing on 13th August with Ms Kassandra Lim at 2.15pm, at the Seminar Room.

You will be briefed on recycling matters and setting up of a recycling corner in the classroom. 


Mr Seth Tan

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Things to bring for CE lesson on 6 Aug (Monday)

Dear all,

please be reminded to bring old rags, paint brushes and materials that are deemed suitable for painting, for the CE lesson on next Monday, 6 August 2012. We're going to prepare something nice to celebrate the nation's birthday!

The following people are assigned to bring these items:

Paint Brushes: Index nos. 1, 5, 9, 13, 17
Old Rags: Index nos. 2, 6, 8, 12, 16
Coloured Paper: Index nos. 3, 7, 11, 15, 19
Cutting and Pasting Tools: Index nos. 4, 10, 14, 18, 20

Mr Seth Tan

Meeting with Dean of Academic Studies (DAS)

Dear all, there will be a meeting for some of you and DAS on this coming Friday, 3rd August, immediately after assembly. The location is at Learning Oasis 3, and refreshments will be provided.

The group of students that are selected to attend the meeting are:

  • Kabir
  • Siddhant
  • Daniel
  • Justyn
  • Qadirah
  • Cheston
  • Nicholas

Attendance for the meeting is compulsory and takes priority over other school commitments during that time slot.

Mr Seth Tan

Monday, 16 July 2012

Maths Support Programme on 17 July 2012 (Tuesday)

Dear students (who have their Support Programme on Tuesday)

To facilitate the taking place of the GCE "O" Level Examination for Mother Tongue Language Listening Comprehension, there will be NO Face-to-Face Maths Support Programme tomorrow.

Nevertheless, printed handouts (Algebra IV) will be given to you for practice (to prepare for the Level Test). It will be given to you tomorrow.

Please complete the worksheet and check the answers (available at GoogleSite > Mathematics > Support Programme (Sec 1) [at the left panel]

I will be available on Thurdsay from 2 pm to 3 pm at the Info Hub. You may see me at there to clarify your doubts. Alternatively, you may 'look' for me through "Facebook" or "Email".

Cheers! Ms Loh

SST Racial Harmony 2012 - CE Period, 16th July

Dear students,

Please await further instructions from your teacher.  Your teacher will go through the CE lesson package with class.  Do click here to access the resources.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Return Progress Report Book

Dear all, kindly return all progress report books (duly signed by parents) and place them on the teacher's desk in the classroom. By this Friday please. Thank you! Cheers, Mr Seth Tan

Complete IP Survey

Hi all, Please remember to complete all your assigned IP surveys, else you may have to stay back after school to complete it. Impt message, thanks! Cheers! Mr Seth Tan

Class Phototaking on Monday, 9 July 1.15-1.30pm

Dear all, there will be a class phototaking session on next Monday, 1.15-1.30pm. The venue will be at ADMT studio. Please be properly attired in school uniform and come in your best looks (i.e. hair combed/tied up neatly, etc) Cheers! Mr Seth Tan

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Complete IP Survey

Hi people, kindly complete the IP survey that you are supposed to do by today, 3 July (Tue). Thanks!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Change in Time Table (Effective from Term 3 Week 2)

Dear people,

Kindly take note of the following new timetable that is effective from next week (Term 3 Week 2) onwards. The change in the timetable is due to revisions in schedules for S&W lessons for some classes.

Mr Seth Tan

Monday, 25 June 2012

3 - 2 - 1

Hi all,

please post as comments to the 3 questions below:

1) What is 1 thing that you missed doing (or which is significant for you) during the holidays?
2) What are 2 new things that you will embark on for this new term?
3) What are 3 changes that you will like to see/ work on, in terms of your work ethics and attitude towards life?


Saturday, 23 June 2012

School Resumes on this coming Monday, 25 Jun

Dear all,

Resumption of School

the school term (Term 3) resumes on this coming Monday, 25 Jun. Reporting time is 0840hrs at the MPH. Kindly remember to bring along your book for the reading session at the hall.

For your info, there is a slight change of seating arrangement. Sec 1 classes will be seated at the top left quadrant (facing the stage). Each class will have students seated in horizontal rows (according to their index nos.) instead of the usual vertical columns. As such, the students with index no. 1 will take the far left position facing the stage, followed by the subsequent index nos.


The time table for Semester 2 will be available for viewing on the students' blog/ Googlesite on Monday itself.

Progress Report Book + School-Parent Meeting (on 27 Jun, Wednesday)

Kindly purchase your progress report book from the school bookshop (if you have not already done so) and submit it by placing it on the teacher's desk in the class. Please indicate your name and class on the report book before submission.

We'll need your report book in order to slot in the result slips for Semester 1, which will be given to your parents eventually on Wednesday, 27 Jun when they come for the School-Parent Meeting (SPM). For those students whose parents have not indicated their booking of the SPM slot, kindly remind them to do so as soon as possible. The booking form was already made available to your parents in an earlier email. Alternatively, they could check the school website for info.

Your parents' attendance for the SPM is not compulsory but highly encouraged. If they could not make it for the SPM, they can always drop me/ your subject teachers an email to enquire about your learning progress in class. Teleconferencing is also possible, but the teachers will appreciate that any arrangements be made early.

Cheers and see you in school on the coming Monday!

Mr Seth Tan

Relocation of School Counselor's Room

Dear all,

 The schools counselors room has now been relocated to Block D Level 3 (Incubation Room).

For your info please,

Mr Seth Tan

Friday, 11 May 2012

School Health Check on 15 May, Tuesday

Dear S1-02 babes,

The School Health Service (SHS) team will be conducting Health Checks for our class on 15 May (Tue). Kindly take note of the following details for the required preparations & the class schedule. 
  • Date/Timing: 15 May, 1215 hrs
  • Requirements: Students to be dressed in their PE Attire
  • Room Location: Block C, #05-01
  • Instructions for the day: 
    • Class Chairperson/Vice-chairperson to organise their peers and lead them to the designated room on time for the Health Checks in PE attire. 
    • Chairperson/Vice-chairperson is to inform the Nurse-in-charge of (i) absentees and (ii) students who are not dressed in PE attire for the checks
  • Absentees: Students who have missed their scheduled checks will be requested to visit the SHS team in the later part of the week. 
  • Health Booklets: 
    • Students who currently have foreign residency status are required to bring their Health Certificates/Booklets for the Checks. 
    • Students who are currently either Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents DO NOT have to bring their Health Booklets.
  • Subject Teachers: Chairperson to inform subject teacher (Mr Chan Kin Chuah) who will accompany their class students to the room allocated to ensure punctuality and good conduct while awaiting the checks.

Mr Seth Tan

Reporting time for school on 14 May, Monday

Dear students, Kindly take note that the reporting time for school on next Monday, 14 May is 7.30am at the MPR instead of the usual 8.40am. You'll have to keep your bags in your lockers first before proceeding to the MPH. There's going to be a student leaders investiture ceremony in the MPH on that morning.

Please come in full uniform and also bring along a book for your reading programme in the MPH.

See you!

Mr Seth Tan

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Clear out lockers by the end of Term 2

Dear 102 babes,

Kindly clear out your lockers by end of this term (25/05/2012). Please be reminded also that any uncleared items found in locker after 25/05/2012 will be discarded.

Instructions above are given by the school Operations dept.

Mr Seth Tan

Monday, 23 April 2012

Common Test SOP (gentle reminder)

Dear beloved babes of S1-02,

Kindly prepare for the common tests next week (Term 2 Week 7) and start intensive work on your revisions! Hope you can stand well under the 'heat' of exams. :)

Here are some reminders on things to take note:

1) Please bring along Student EZLink card for verification during the exam (as part of exam protocol) 

2) If you are going to be absent due to MC on the particular day of exam, kindly call the General Office (65717200) to inform.

3) Absent cases, without an MC to cover your absence, will result in a 0 mark for your paper. Students will not be allowed to re-sit for the paper that they had missed. However, students may be asked to try out the paper as a practice paper (not graded) after the Common Test period.

4) Parent's letter to cover leave of absence will not be accepted. (i.e. a 0 mark will still be awarded).

5) Be at the test venue (i.e. S1-02 classroom) at least 15 minutes before the paper starts, and do your toileting prior to the paper also.

6) Cheating or any attempts to cheat is a big 'No no'. Offenders will be put to task and get a 0 mark for the paper and parents will be called in. This is one boundary that you must never cross as it is your integrity at stake.

7) Sufficiently hydrate yourself and have enough sleep on the night before your paper. It will help to ensure your consistent performance during the paper itself.

That's all folks, all the best for your revisions and your common tests next week! Work hard and you'll achieve good results!

Cheers! Mr Seth Tan

Thursday, 19 April 2012

CE Lesson (23 April, Monday) - House Cheers

Kindly note that for the CE lesson for Monday next week will be for House Meeting where the House Captains will meeting up with the students to teach them the House Cheers. Please also note the various locations of the meeting:

Black House - MPH
Blue House - ISH
Green House - Atrium
Red House - Auditorium
Yellow House - Block B Level 2 Steps

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Common Test Schedule (Term 2 Week 7)

Hi all,

below appended is the common test schedule for Sec 1s. For your info, please.

Kindly start your revisions early and be well-prepared for the tests. All the best for your revisions! You can do it!

Cheers, Mr Seth Tan

CE Lesson on 16 Apr

Dear students,

kindly take note that the CE lesson on 16 Apr (Monday), 9.05-9.55 am will be at Lecture Theatre 1. All are to report to MPH for morning assembly first, before proceeding to LT 1.

Thanks and cheers!
Mr Seth Tan

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

E-Learning Feedback

Dear all,

kindly provide your feedback on eLearning week that was conducted on 19-23 March 2012.

You'll need to log out from your personal Gmail account and log in using your School account before clicking on the link above to submit your feedback.

Mr Seth Tan

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Earth Day slides

Dear beloved babes of S1-02,

Till date, I've not received all the earth hour slides from everyone in the class. By right, I should have requested for you stay back in school to complete the slide on Wed, 28 March. However, in view of the level tests last week, I am now extending the deadline to this Tuesday, 10 April, 2pm. If I do not receive all the slides by the deadline, I may have to implement the yellow slip for some of you to make time to complete the slides. Let's be conscientious with work that is given and agreed upon! :)

Thanks to those (Francis, Yee Cher, Justyn, Renjie, Oliver, Joshua, Christopher and Lois) who had already emailed me the earth hour slides with their 'commitment' messages. You are prompt and conscientious with your work!


Mr Seth Tan

Principal's meeting with Class Chairpersons on 11 April

Dear Siddhant and Oliver,

kindly take note that you'll have to attend a meeting with the Principal on the 11 April at the Learning Oasis. The timing is from 1.40pm to 2.45pm. Attendance is compulsory, thanks.

Mr Seth Tan

Monday, 26 March 2012

Change in Time Table for Term 2

Hi all,

below is the new timetable for S1-02. The new timetable will take effect from next week (Term 2 Week 3).

Mr Seth Tan

Personal Statement (Keynote Slide) for Earth Day 2012

Dear all,

kindly take note that as a follow up from the short Earth Day CE lesson that we had this morning, you are to create a personal statement using Keynote that reflects your commitment in contributing to the conservation effort of Singapore/ within SST in your personal ways. Craft your personal statement by completing either one of the sentences below:

- "As a SST student, I pledge to..."
- "As a responsible citizen of Singapore/ the world, I pledge to..."

Remember, the deadline is this Wednesday, 28 March, 8am. All work are to be submitted to Mr Seth Tan via email ( The people who missed the deadline for submission will have to stay back for 0.5 hours on Wednesday (28 March) to complete the slide.


Mr Seth Tan

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Submit SST Birthday Greetings (Keynote Slide) A.S.A.P.

Dear class,

for those of you who had not submitted your keynote slide, please do so as soon as possible by Thursday morning, 8am.

It is compulsory that everyone submit the keynote slide.


Class matters on Thursday, 8 March 2012

Dear class,

kindly take of the following items and follow up on them before the school term closes:

1) refer to students' blog for the programme schedule for tomorrow. Morning assembly will be in class.
2) bring along a rag (used cloth) to clean up the classroom
3) if necessary, bring along empty bags to clear the items from your lockers
4) update your travel declaration on the Sec 1 students' domain (require log-in)

Cheers and see you tomorrow!

Friday, 17 February 2012

SST Breakfast Meeting with Principal

Dear students,

kindly inform your parents that they are invited to the SST Breakfast Meeting with Principal on next Tuesday, 21 Feb (Tuesday), 8 to 9.30am. Your parents should have received email/SMS blast from the school to inform them about this event.

Basically, there will be a formal welcome by the principal Mr Chua, sharing of class profile and also updates of school programmes for the level.

Please disseminate this info to your parents if they had not received it.


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Arrangement of Tables and Chairs for Level Tests next week

Dear class,

kindly do the new arrangement for tables and chairs to get ready for your level tests next week.

The tables and chairs should be arranged in 5 columns and 4 rows, with running numbers from index 1 (seated closest to the front door) to index 20. New arrangement for tables and chairs should be done by Friday recess time.


Row 1: C1....C2....C3....C4....C5
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4

Class EXCO, please supervise the above exercise, thanks!


Mr Seth Tan

Monday, 6 February 2012


Tomorrow, the geography lesson will be conducted at learning osssis as mr Yeo will not be here

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

WANTED for CCA Option Form, Assessment Plan Reply Slip and Dental Form

Dear class,

It has been brought to my attention that some of you have not been conscientious in submitting the reply slips/ consent forms/ etc. As a result of forgetfulness, you may have allowed these 'little' but important things to create unwanted and undue stress on both yourself and the people who are collecting it from you. I understand that some of you may have really "forgotten" all about submitting these forms, but even so, that does not excuse you from being responsible in your duty. Buddies, please encourage and remind each other to do what is necessary.

Remember, consistent forgetfulness is a disease and it usually happens to only old, senile people. I believe that if this inaction to submit reply slips/ acknowledgement slips/ consent forms continues to become a trend for some of you, it will cultivate a sloppy attitude in you. My hope for all of you is to be faithful with the little things, as I firmly believe that by so doing, you'll find yourself ready and prepared for big things to come.

So, please... for those of you with index nos. indicated below, kindly submit your items to the class secretary (Christopher) or drop it inside the admin box found on the teacher's desk. Do remember to write your index no. on the top right hand corner of the forms that you submit.

CCA Option Forms:
Index no. 14 and 18 (index 18 submitted)

Assessment Plan Reply Slip
Index no. 2, 7, 13, 18, 20 (index 2 and 20 submitted)

Dental Forms:
Index no. 17 and 20 (index 17 submitted)

PS: For our info, if the situation doesn't improve, we may have to decide as a class and implement certain consequences on those who are perpetually forgetful.

Mr Seth Tan

Friday, 27 January 2012

Class Committee Job Scope and Requirement

A Class Exco Member should possess the following traits:

Communication Skills
✓ Effective in articulating his/her views
✓ Approachable
✓ Speaks good English

Leadership Traits
✓ Independent and dependable
✓ Responsible
✓ Open-minded
✓ Able to think on the feet
✓ Committed

✓ Respect others
✓ Empathetic listeners
✓ Put welfares of others before oneself
✓ Observing racial harmony

Role and Responsibilities of Class Committee Members

Class Chairperson
• To provide leadership to the Class Exco members, heads of each sub-committee and classmates in promoting school spirit and culture within the class.
• To work closely with the Form Teacher to ensure smooth running of class activities and inform any problems or challenges within the class.
• To facilitate class meetings together with Vice-Chairperson, with guidance from Form Teacher. When need arises, to conduct class executive committee meetings with Form Teacher.
• To maintain discipline in the class especially during assemblies, in between lessons and when moving from class to class.
• To embrace the SST’s school values and be a role model for classmates.

• To assist the Class Chairperson in his/her roles and responsibilities listed above
• To cover the duties of the Class Chairperson in his/her absence.
• To ensure the sub-committees carry out their duties responsibly.

• To assist the Form Teacher and Class Chairperson in any administrative matters.
• To monitor movement of classmates and ensure that no one leaves the class without the permission of the Form/Subject Teacher.
• To write the date and the names of absentees on the whiteboard before the first period on a daily basis.
• To record minutes of executive committee and class meetings and forward to Form Teacher and Level Co-ordinator.
• To update homework, assessments or any class events on the class blog.

• To collect money and keep a proper account of all collections and expenditure.
• To draw out a budget for the class (class fund) and ensure that money is collected only when needed. To ensure that pupil sign against her name on a class list, when money is collected from her.
• To ensure that all money collected is passed to Account Department or Form Teacher within the same day.

Welfare / Service Learning Committee - Welfare / SL co-ordinator (x2)
• To ensure the general well-being of the class through class and school-wide activities
• To organize class bonding activities to build healthy relationships between members in class eg games, birthday celebrations...
• To support Service Learning Projects
• To assist and liaise with Service Learning Teacher I/C on matters related to Service Learning
• To liaise with Level Co-ordinators and other teachers to disseminate information regarding CE matters, Service Learning and the NYAA to and from class

Cyber Wellness/Media Literacy Ambassador (x2)
• To promote digital citizenship and good use of media to class and school community.
• To be the class contact persons in activities related to Cyber Wellness within the class, school and community.
• To report any misuse or abuse of IT-related incidents to Form Teacher

National Education Committee - NE representatives (x4)
• To be the class contact persons in activities related to National Education within the class, school and community.
• To assist NE Committee in organising NE-related events such as Total Defence Day, National day Celebrations, Racial Harmony Day etc,...

Sports & Wellness Committee - Sports & Wellness representatives (x5)
• To be the class contact persons in activities related to Sports and Wellness and House.
• To organise school-wide events related to the Sports and Wellness Department
• To update and inform class about their House activities such as Inter-House Competitions etc,.
• To assist the PE Teacher in getting equipment for PE lessons.
• To disseminate information with regards to all PE and CCA matters.
• To assist the PE Dept on all matters pertaining to CCA record

Environment Committee – Environment representatives (x2)
• To ensure that the classroom environment is clean. This includes the locker area and the corridor outside the classroom.
• To prepare a duty roster for maintenance of classroom cleanliness and see to its effective implementation. To monitor and track the duties of pupils on the roster. To remind and follow-up with individuals on their duties.
• To ensure that the lights, air-cons, fans and projectors are switched off when not is use.
• To ensure that the clock, fans, air-cons, lights and all AV/IT equipment are in good working condition and report to the estate officer if they are faulty.
• To set-up recycling box for the class.
• To encourage the class to participate actively in `green’ projects recommended by the school.
• To implement creative projects within the class and/or school that aim to save the environment conserving electricity for the class and school.

Subject Representative
• To record test dates on “Assignment Schedule” on blog or on class notice-board
• To assist Subject Teachers in disseminating any information related to the subject area.
• To help in collecting and submitting assignments.
• To assist Subject Teachers in planning and organizing events related to the subject area.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New Timetable with effect from Wednesday, 24 Jan (slight changes to timing)

Dear all,

Do take note that there are some changes to the timetable with effect from tomorrow, 25 January (Wednesday). Basically, there are only slight changes made to the timings.

See this link or the image below for the new timetable.

Mr Seth Tan