Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Reflections from Rachel (Reg no. 4)

Dear fellow classmates , PSLs and teachers 
The picture dosen't look great i know ...... My first impression of SST was that the people there were friendly , My first goal as a SST student is to set up a American Sign language (ASL) club . I would like to know about my friends hobbies ( besides gaming ) . What makes SST a community is the supprt from PSLs and teacher(s). I find what difines SST from other communities is that as classes arranged are small , help is not only given to everyone as a whole but given as an idividual person .
( The part below is not part of the reflection but something I just wanted to add along the way)
I'm sorry about the comment I made on the class earlier today....... I don't know all of you well enough to make any comments. If you didn't hear it , I'm glad , but if you are really itching to know , you can ask around ( it's a free country , why not?) . Those who heard it or at least can imagine what i said by now , I give my sincere apoplogies , I'm not expecting you to forgive me for something self-inflicted by unwise-ly picked  words. I guess your first impressions of me aren't that great and i hope as the weeks go by , I can mend that . Again , sincere apologies and I hope that this topic can go unspoken about , for the days to come ( free country , my fault , go ahead if you wish to ) . Not all faults can be mended overnight , choose you words with caution , follow the 4 Rs and I guess I'll see you guys soon .
p.s. Anyone who shows interest in ASL club ( I need 10 people to start a club) or my rude comment , you can ask me .

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