Tuesday, 31 January 2012

WANTED for CCA Option Form, Assessment Plan Reply Slip and Dental Form

Dear class,

It has been brought to my attention that some of you have not been conscientious in submitting the reply slips/ consent forms/ etc. As a result of forgetfulness, you may have allowed these 'little' but important things to create unwanted and undue stress on both yourself and the people who are collecting it from you. I understand that some of you may have really "forgotten" all about submitting these forms, but even so, that does not excuse you from being responsible in your duty. Buddies, please encourage and remind each other to do what is necessary.

Remember, consistent forgetfulness is a disease and it usually happens to only old, senile people. I believe that if this inaction to submit reply slips/ acknowledgement slips/ consent forms continues to become a trend for some of you, it will cultivate a sloppy attitude in you. My hope for all of you is to be faithful with the little things, as I firmly believe that by so doing, you'll find yourself ready and prepared for big things to come.

So, please... for those of you with index nos. indicated below, kindly submit your items to the class secretary (Christopher) or drop it inside the admin box found on the teacher's desk. Do remember to write your index no. on the top right hand corner of the forms that you submit.

CCA Option Forms:
Index no. 14 and 18 (index 18 submitted)

Assessment Plan Reply Slip
Index no. 2, 7, 13, 18, 20 (index 2 and 20 submitted)

Dental Forms:
Index no. 17 and 20 (index 17 submitted)

PS: For our info, if the situation doesn't improve, we may have to decide as a class and implement certain consequences on those who are perpetually forgetful.

Mr Seth Tan

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  1. Mr Tan, would u bring an extra copy of the assessment plan, i think i lost mine