Monday, 23 April 2012

Common Test SOP (gentle reminder)

Dear beloved babes of S1-02,

Kindly prepare for the common tests next week (Term 2 Week 7) and start intensive work on your revisions! Hope you can stand well under the 'heat' of exams. :)

Here are some reminders on things to take note:

1) Please bring along Student EZLink card for verification during the exam (as part of exam protocol) 

2) If you are going to be absent due to MC on the particular day of exam, kindly call the General Office (65717200) to inform.

3) Absent cases, without an MC to cover your absence, will result in a 0 mark for your paper. Students will not be allowed to re-sit for the paper that they had missed. However, students may be asked to try out the paper as a practice paper (not graded) after the Common Test period.

4) Parent's letter to cover leave of absence will not be accepted. (i.e. a 0 mark will still be awarded).

5) Be at the test venue (i.e. S1-02 classroom) at least 15 minutes before the paper starts, and do your toileting prior to the paper also.

6) Cheating or any attempts to cheat is a big 'No no'. Offenders will be put to task and get a 0 mark for the paper and parents will be called in. This is one boundary that you must never cross as it is your integrity at stake.

7) Sufficiently hydrate yourself and have enough sleep on the night before your paper. It will help to ensure your consistent performance during the paper itself.

That's all folks, all the best for your revisions and your common tests next week! Work hard and you'll achieve good results!

Cheers! Mr Seth Tan

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