Sunday, 8 April 2012

Earth Day slides

Dear beloved babes of S1-02,

Till date, I've not received all the earth hour slides from everyone in the class. By right, I should have requested for you stay back in school to complete the slide on Wed, 28 March. However, in view of the level tests last week, I am now extending the deadline to this Tuesday, 10 April, 2pm. If I do not receive all the slides by the deadline, I may have to implement the yellow slip for some of you to make time to complete the slides. Let's be conscientious with work that is given and agreed upon! :)

Thanks to those (Francis, Yee Cher, Justyn, Renjie, Oliver, Joshua, Christopher and Lois) who had already emailed me the earth hour slides with their 'commitment' messages. You are prompt and conscientious with your work!


Mr Seth Tan

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