Monday, 25 June 2012

3 - 2 - 1

Hi all,

please post as comments to the 3 questions below:

1) What is 1 thing that you missed doing (or which is significant for you) during the holidays?
2) What are 2 new things that you will embark on for this new term?
3) What are 3 changes that you will like to see/ work on, in terms of your work ethics and attitude towards life?



  1. 1) Not Applicable
    2) i) 4 A's
    ii) Not Applicable
    3) i) Do homework faster
    ii) Run faster
    iii) Not Applicable

  2. I missed doing my revisions some of the days. I would try to do my homework and pass it in more punctual. I would put in more effort in class and stop daydreaming. I would want to see many changes, for example I would like to see a difference in my work and test results. I would want to see a difference in my attitude during work. Finally, I would want to head on to Sec 2 in SST.

    1. In terms of attitude, I need to concentrate when I am doing my homework because I get distracted easily, and have the will to do my revision other than forcing myself to revise.

  3. 1 ) I miss going out with friends during the holidays.
    2) The quality of my homework and my management of time/ stress.
    3) I will work on my attentiveness in class as i will easily get distracted. I would like to read more complex books and broaden my list of vocabularies. I will also work on the amount of time i spent on the computer.

  4. 1) I missed talking to my friends as I was very lonely during the holidays.
    2) -I will want to study harder as my grades are not very good.
    -I will want to do better in my sports.
    3) -I will want to get better grades.
    -I will want to pay attention more in class
    -I will want to take more pride in my homework and not simply do it.

  5. 1) i missed chatting with my primary school friends
    2) a B for chinese
    an A for math
    3) nicer/neater handwriting
    finish ALL my homework on time
    start checking my work

  6. 1)I missed playing computer games as i had no tie to play during school holidays because of revision.
    2)Writing notes in class and stop daydreaming.
    3)Being more focused,handing all of my homework in time and get better grades.

  7. 1) im gonna miss playing skyrim for the whole day cuz it is so addicting
    2) im gonna study all day because its gonna be too much work for me to do my mum is gonna make me do all the assessment books and my brain is gonna explode
    im also gonna practice my violin a lot because of my up coming performance and exam coming up
    3) i will need to stop making careless mistakes (as always)
    i want to see a better bond between the members of this class
    i want my neck to recover quickly >.< it hurts!

  8. 1) I missed going to U.S.A
    2) I would want improve the quality of my work and also maybe spend time on creating videos for my channel.
    3) I would want to spend less time gaming and use that time to revise for my subjects. I would want to read more books to improve and widen my vocabulary. Also I would want to get up a bit more earlier so that I can reach school on time,

  9. 1) IDK
    i. Better Grades
    ii. Do Better in Sports.
    i. Pay More Attention in Class
    ii. Hand In Homework More Punctually
    iii. Study Harder To Get Better Grades

  10. 1) I missed sleeping.
    2) Get better results and surpass my limits
    3)Finish work needed to finish on that day.
    Spend less time on computer.
    Make time to practice organ.

  11. 1)I missed playing soccer with my primary school friends as for us, we usually book a indoor soccer field to play for 3 hours.But 1 change has been made, I invited one of my SST friends, Gavin Ong(S1-05) Now that the school has began, it would be very hard for us to meet up again and we may have to wait for another holiday to come.
    2) I would like to put in more effort in my school work, focus more in class and start a new beginning to excel in my studies because my grades wasn't pretty well the previous time.
    3)I would want to try to minimize my laziness, put in my very best in whatever I do and have the thinking that whatever mistakes we have made, life must still go on so forget whatever had happened and learn from mistakes.

  12. 1) I missed going out with my family.
    2) I will concentrate on my work and do everything faster .
    3) I would like to see myself working harder , concentrating on my homework , having a better attitude .

  13. 1) I miss playing 5-6 hours of Left 4 Dead 2 with my primary school friends who live close by plus someone who lives in Toa Payoh.

    2) I would get my work finished faster so I would have time for revision.
    I would want to pass my subjects.

    3) I would stop making a lot of mistakes.
    I would want to change my handwriting.
    I want to be able to learn more.

  14. 1)I missed not doing homework and school work during the holidays because I was not really stressed out during the holidays & I have more free time during the holiday so I could play with my friends more often.
    2)The new term is like a new beginning for me to embark on my new goals for this term and my goals are for this term is to revise more often so that I can improve my results and improve my relationship with my classmates.
    3)The change in work ethics that I would like to see is I should make more friends,be more friendly to my friends and talk to my friends more often.

  15. 1) 1 thing that was significant to me during the holidays was spending time with my father. I hardly see him because he is Malaysian and he stays in Sabah. At most, I get to see him twice a year. Sometimes, I don't even get to see him in a year. When he came during the holidays, my siblings and I planned lots of activities for us to do with our father. We spent our holiday fruitfully playing sports together, going to Singapore's attractions such as Universal Studios, having occasional family dinners and more. I really look forward to seeing him again at the end of this year during my sister's wedding. (:


    3) I will work on the way I study and the way I finish undone work. Usually I study around distractions which is really difficult because I am a person who gets easily distracted. I will work on constructing a conducive environment for me to study in so that I am able to finish undone work and catch up with my peers academically. I may stay back in school to study because it is clean and my peers are around to help me along and I will exercise self-control, so I can focus well.

  16. 1)nothing because my holiday was boring and i was alone most of the time.
    2)become better at basketball and get better grades.
    3)I will like to see my grade become better and become better in sports.i will like to be more efficient in my studies