Saturday, 23 June 2012

School Resumes on this coming Monday, 25 Jun

Dear all,

Resumption of School

the school term (Term 3) resumes on this coming Monday, 25 Jun. Reporting time is 0840hrs at the MPH. Kindly remember to bring along your book for the reading session at the hall.

For your info, there is a slight change of seating arrangement. Sec 1 classes will be seated at the top left quadrant (facing the stage). Each class will have students seated in horizontal rows (according to their index nos.) instead of the usual vertical columns. As such, the students with index no. 1 will take the far left position facing the stage, followed by the subsequent index nos.


The time table for Semester 2 will be available for viewing on the students' blog/ Googlesite on Monday itself.

Progress Report Book + School-Parent Meeting (on 27 Jun, Wednesday)

Kindly purchase your progress report book from the school bookshop (if you have not already done so) and submit it by placing it on the teacher's desk in the class. Please indicate your name and class on the report book before submission.

We'll need your report book in order to slot in the result slips for Semester 1, which will be given to your parents eventually on Wednesday, 27 Jun when they come for the School-Parent Meeting (SPM). For those students whose parents have not indicated their booking of the SPM slot, kindly remind them to do so as soon as possible. The booking form was already made available to your parents in an earlier email. Alternatively, they could check the school website for info.

Your parents' attendance for the SPM is not compulsory but highly encouraged. If they could not make it for the SPM, they can always drop me/ your subject teachers an email to enquire about your learning progress in class. Teleconferencing is also possible, but the teachers will appreciate that any arrangements be made early.

Cheers and see you in school on the coming Monday!

Mr Seth Tan

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