Thursday, 23 August 2012

SOP for taking level tests - revisit

Dear all,

Kindly refer back to the earlier communication (since term 1) for the standard procedures/processes (i.e. SOPs) for Level Tests, found on Std Googlesite.

Just want to highlight one particular process:

Please take note that you should not turn up for school to take the test if you're on MC for that day.

The reasons are simple and commonsensical:
1) you're not in a good state to be in school and will need rest (which is why an MC has been issued)
2) we need to exercise social responsibility (spare a thought for your classmates, play your part to keep infection at bay!)
3) you may be allowed to retake the test within 5 working days from the day of your MC (so don't have to worry)

If you need further clarifications or have any other queries on test SOPs, please direct them to me. Thanks!

Mr Seth Tan

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