Sec 1 Cyber Wellness - Netiquette Issues

What it means to be Digital Citizens

Activity 1 Watch the following video and answer the reflection questions. Post as comments.

 Reflection Questions
a.     what does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens
b.     do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?

“The imminent dangers faced by Digital Citizens in Cyber Space”

Activity 2 Watch the following video and post your responses to the questions that follows:

Did You Know?: Dangers on the Web


Reflection Questions The questions for reflections include: (Post as Comment)
a.     Identify a few imminent dangers faced by netizens identified in the video.
b.     Have you or someone you know been victims of such cyber dangers? If yes what is the nature of the cyber dangers.
c.      What are some of the possible preventive measures that netizens could take against such possible dangers?

Cyber Safety Glossary

Activity 3 link to Glossary for Class Discussion


Activity 4

Click on the following link for examples on Netiquette

Master the Basics: Netiquette: QUIZ 

Activity 5 (individual work)
  after the QUIZ, review your responses

Class Pledge

Activity 6 (pair work)
 In pairs, students will propose 3 netiquettes to be observed by class and post in Class Blog.

They have to include
(a) the reasons/rationales for this and
(b) the possible consequences of non compliance to the netiquettes proposed sample


  1. Activity 2

    a.Hackers ae attacking everyone in the world
    c.GO to the police to track the hackers

  2. Activity 2
    a) they might lose their money
    c)call police

  3. a) Increasing number of malware , hackers and phishing attacks .
    b) No.
    c) We can go to the police to find out who are the hackers and arrest them .

  4. a) There are people who cheats money, hackers and illegal selling.
    b) No.
    c) We can go make a police report and have the police arrest the hackers/ cheaters etc.